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boso-ABI-system 100

Simultan måling av systolisk blodtrykk på alle 4 ekstremiteter.
Ankel-armindeks kalkuleres automatisk.

Boso-ABI-system 100With the boso ABI-system simultaneous measurements of the systolic blood pressure on all four limbs are possible. Deviations between the individual measurements are reduced by the intelligent inflation and deflation technology, which synchronizes the measurement process. So the Ankle-Brachial-Index is determined very easily and precisely compared to the Doppler-method. The Doppler has the disadvantage, that measurements are done successively and therefore can be distorted by blood pressure fluctuations.

Also the Doppler-method requires professional skills and experience to place the sensor correctly. The examination therefore has to be done by the physician. The boso-ABI system 100 can easily be handled by an assistant without any complicated preparations.

When the measurement is finished, the values are transmitted via USB-interface to a PC. The software then automatically calculates the ABI. The boso-ABI-software provides a data base with functional patient management, logical graphic presentation of the values and a GDT-interface for the data transfer to the patient management system.

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